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Employee Stories

  • Twenty-three years ago when Holly was out shopping, she bumped into one of the residents in an Arc group home. The resident was out with her case manager, and they engaged in conversation. [...]

  • Sharon DuBois, a Skills Trainer in the Personal Care Management (PCM) program, is one of the agency’s longest-standing employees. She started working at The Arc’s former respite program in 1977 when she graduated high school. […]

  • For 25 years, Lisa Weeks has supported, empowered, and advocated for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. According to Lisa, the residents in her programs are, “the most wonderful people on the planet. […]

  • Christopher has always had a caretaker mentality; he is a trained EMT and for the last six years of his grandparents’ life, he took care of them. He believes this background is why his work in the residential program at The Arc has come natural to him. […]

  • For Anne Holton, Director of Day Services, The Arc’s family-focused culture started at its founding in 1951. “The agency was founded by parents who didn’t have many options for their children with disabilities. They didn’t want to put them in an institution […]

  • Starting as a part-time administrative assistant for the Personal Care Management (PCM) program in 2009, today Lauren Blye is the program’s director. Throughout her tenure, the department has grown significantly. […]

  • “I’ve worked for Early Intervention for almost 31 years, and I’m still inspired by the families we serve. We work with children who have minor developmental delays as well as major concerns, and whatever it is, it’s still a crisis for that family. Our job is to work with them through it. […]

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  • Andrea, Mother of a Program Participant
    Andrea, Mother of a Program Participant

    We wouldn’t be where we are today without all of your support of May. Your EI team truly made a difference.