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Day Habilitation Services

Day Habilitation Program

The Day Habilitation program is for adults with disabilities, and it aims at improving the quality of their lives as well as their level of functioning and independence in the community. We are located in a beautiful setting by the ocean and Webb State Park, and in June 2019, we completed a $750,000 renovation that created a beautiful space that is used for expanded activities, programs, and therapy services.

Our new, modern, and multi-purpose facility includes a computer lab, sensory room, fitness room, modernized kitchen and lunch rooms, senior lounge, rehab room, oversized classrooms for activities of daily living, developmental skills training and therapies, and multi-purpose areas that can used collaboratively by the entire Arc community.

We customize our day habilitation services based on an individual's learning ability, interests, and therapeutic and nursing needs. We offer an array of services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, BCBA-level behavior management, and nursing supervision. We support individuals with a fitness program, sensory room, and adaptive therapeutic equipment. We also offer a skill development program focusing on skills such as gross and fine motor, communication, social, independent living shills, wellness, behavior management, community participation, and other activities of daily living.

Measurable goals and objectives are developed that sets forth an integrated program of activities and therapies aimed at achieving an individual's goals. Participants are supported by a director, program manager, case manager, healthcare supervisor, rehab therapy assistant, and developmental specialists. We also physical/occupational/speech therapists and behavioral clinicians.

For more information, please contact Anne Holton, Director of Day Services, at 781-335-3023, ext. 2219 or

“The staff members in the day habilitation program are commended for the care, respect, empathy, and attention provided to the individuals served. The knowledge that the staff members have regarding the individuals served and their relationships and communication with families and other care givers enable the staff members to support and advocate the individuals." -CARF International

“The small class size, quiet environment, and ‘family feel’ of the day program hold strong appeal for the organization’s funding source.” -CARF International

“The organization is mission-driven. Its board and staff members are committed to offering a high-quality day program in a pleasant, inviting, well-designed setting that is appropriate to the needs of the persons served. Artwork created by persons served and posters of special activities from the past year adorn the hallways and office walls.” -CARF International

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