Employment Services


The Employment Supports department offers personalized employment services to individuals with developmental disabilities to enable them to find and keep community jobs based on their skills, preferences, interests and strengths. We assist individuals become members of the workforce through a job preparation curriculum, job skill acquisition, job preference/ability evaluation, job recruitment, on-the-job training, transportation and activities of daily living instruction.


Individuals are supported to make informed choices about their work options and receive the resources to seek, obtain and be successful in community placement.  For those ready to work in the community, our supported employment program provides many benefits to people with disabilities. These include access to paid work, which increases personal relationships, community participation, self-esteem, economic self-sufficiency and dignity.  Our program matches the skills and likes of an individual with the needs of the business. Job Coaches support our participants in a variety of settings including Individual Supported Employment, Group Supported Employment as well as mobile work crews.



    • Paid work opportunities in the community
    • Work skill assessment and evaluation
    • Job preparation curriculum
    • Volunteer job opportunities
    • One-on-One and small group instruction
    • Case Management
    • Computer/iPad instruction
    • Self-Advocacy Training and Participation
    • Community Participation
    • Competent, Dedicated Staff