Community-Based Day Supports

for-slide-showCommunity Based Day Supports offers a supportive program to adults with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities which assists individuals to develop, maintain and enhance their ability and confidence in personal, social and community activities. Skill development activities occur in the areas of communication, self-care, socialization, relationship-building, healthy living, self-advocacy and community involvement.


A major focus is to become involved in and contribute to the local neighborhood and community, spending time with other people with similar interests. The program supports the person who may have employment as a goal but who needs more support and instruction in order to be ready to obtain a desired job. Volunteer job opportunities are offered where the individuals can try out different types of work and see if it is a good match for them.




  • picture15Individualized personal supports to attain their personal and community membership goals.
  • Assessment of Interests, Preferences and Abilities.
  • Volunteer and Civic Activities
  • Leisure and Recreational Activities
  • Career Exploration & Training
  • Fitness & Health-Related Instructionpicture13
  • Music Therapy
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Computer/iPad Training
  • Self-Advocacy Training and Participation
  • Competent Dedicated Professional Staff.



  • Participants take part in music therapy, community activities and visits/demonstrations from community members as well as volunteering in many varied settings throughout the week. 
  • Interest inventories and personal profiles are developed to assist with the accomplishment of their own personal, social, and community goals based on personal interests and preferences.
  • Self-Advocacy continues to be a primary focus of the CBDS program with many activities aimed at being able to direct one’s own life.