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Life Coaching/Mindfulness for Caregivers

Wednesday, June 29, 2022
7:00 pm8:00 pm

Presented by Mindful Moments with Pamela Healy

In this time of stress, learn to enhance your well-being and start each day right! Take time to care for YOU! After an extensive career as a school counselor, life coach, yoga instructor, and participating meditator, Pam was brought to the realization that she could be sharing her love of helping others at the same time to enjoy peace, calm, and clarity. Pam teaches practical and useful techniques to help people of all ages and backgrounds learn how to respond to situations rather than react. MIndfully staying in the present moment allows you to feel more in control of thoughts and emotions and rewire your brain. Pam wants to support and encourage you to build upon your strengths to create a meaningful and happy life.

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